FCm partners with iJet to deliver innovative Travel Risk Management Solutions

FCm Travel Solutions has partnered with iJET International to deliver a world-class travel risk management (TRM) programme for its global network of corporate customers.

FCm’s new TRM solution utilises iJET’s risk intelligence and global response hotline, in conjunction with FCm’s technology and operations, to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of cost effective TRM solutions.

director of global TRM, Charles Brossman said that this year FCm would be investing heavily in the development and roll-out of a prescriptive global TRM program with the expansion of FCm Secure.

“Our clients understand that TRM is something that must be proactively adopted, no matter what industry they work in or the size of their company,” Brossman said. “As a global TMC we need to make sure we continue to innovate and provide affordable TRM solutions for small, mid and larger companies.”

FCm Secure will be rolled out from the end of Q2 2014 and will enable customers to develop a risk management programme that suits their specific needs. The triple--tiered programme, offers free and paid options including:

Secure Start: a no cost programme for FCm customers that acts as a starting point for building a customer’s individual TRM programme. It includes itinerary-based traveller tracking; a colour coded ‘risk map’ dashboard (powered by iJET); GPS/mobile based traveller tracking; FCm global crisis communications process via email and SMS; subscription-based security alerts to travel managers (powered by iJET); and security alerts available to travellers via FCm’s portal

Secure Protect: is the combination of the base, no-cost Secure Start offering and additional paid features. Options include a communications feature giving client administrators the ability to send their own emails and SMS text messages to travellers from a traveller location report; trip briefing tied to itinerary and automated report distribution.

Secure Outreach: a global response hotline available for clients that require crisis support above and beyond FCm’s regular after-hours emergency services. Eligible clients who purchase Secure Outreach have access to a hotline staffed 24/7 by iJET’s global response operations.

Charles Brossman said the no-cost Secure Start option would be available for eligible clients using FCm’s reporting tool ClientBank. Based on the ClientBank reporting platform FCm Secure will also integrate with other FCm traveller tools such as Portal and the FCm Mobile app which will go live in the UK at a similar time.

“Unlike other TRM programmes on the market, Secure Start gives clients access to a range of free features that often come at a cost, including a custom version of iJET’s globally leading risk alerts and GPS based traveller tracking,” Brossman said.

“In addition, by connecting FCm’s emergency travel services to iJET’s global response hotline we can provide a more affordable yet effective solution for standardised crisis response with Secure Outreach.

“There are also key elements of FCm Secure that have been specially designed for the corporate travel market which haven’t really been available at the price point that we will be offering these services at. Clients will benefit from faster and more comprehensive crisis communications, which means travellers receive critical information faster.”


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