Paris travel update

  • A state of emergency has been declared across France.
  • The state of emergency allows the government to close public places and impose a curfew, both of which it has done.
  • Military personnel have been brought into Paris to assist with security.
  • New security measures may include stopping public transport and the conducting of searches across the broader Paris region.
  • Earlier French President Hollande had stated that the French borders would be 'closed' but in reality it means that the French border security would be greatly tightened.


  • Charles de Gaulle (CDG) has remained open throughout.
  • Orly (ORY) has been closed but this is most likely due to an earlier computer outage that occurred prior to the events in the city.
  • Airlines can continue to fly in and out of Paris (and French) airports unless they opt to cancel or delay services.
  • Heightened security will mean that travellers will experience longer than normal delays at the airport and should allow for the extra time both to travel to the airport (in the event of transport disruptions) and on arrival at the airport (clearing security, customs and immigration).

Train stations:

  • The situation is the same as the airports.  Trains are operating and stations are open, however...
  • Some Paris metro services have been halted.  People in Paris should check with the local authorities.
  • There will be increased security in place at all train stations and people should anticipate delays.

Customers in Paris:

  • Should follow the direction of local authorities.
  • Avoid travel around the city of Paris (even in daylight hours) on Saturday 14 November unless advised otherwise by police and security forces.
  • Monitor local media reports.


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