Duty of Care

Many countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK and the USA have some form of employer Duty of Care legislation in place – however laws in regards to an employer’s Duty of Care obligations across countries are diverse. Complying with Duty of Care obligations at a basic level means that employers must protect the health, safety and security of an employee wherever they work, so far as practically possible. Failure to comply with Duty or Care legislation may result in civil and criminal liabilities for an employer.
The lack of a specific Duty of Care law in a jurisdiction does not necessarily mean there are no legal obligations for businesses in relation to employee health and safety while travelling. Organisations need to consider the laws of the jurisdictions where their employees are travelling to, and where they are a citizen of. In addition, compensation claims for air travel are bound by rules within treaties such as the Montreal Convention, which governs the rights and  liabilities of passengers and carriers in international air travel. 
As a global travel management company, FCm provides a comprehensive suite of  travel risk management (TRM) solutions for customers. FCm Secure offers free and paid solutions via our Secure Start, Secure Protect and Secure Outreach solutions. By tapping into the products, services and support available through FCm Secure, your business can develop a TRM program that will help you to  meet your Duty of Care obligations.
At a high level, Secure Start is designed to provide the basic building blocks for ‘starting’ a TRM program for business travel. Secure Start however  is a reactive approach, whereas Secure Protect offers a proactive solution by engaging travellers before and during travel to avoid or mitigate risk whenever possible. Secure Outreach is also a proactive solution that helps organisations to provide immediate, comprehensive and professional support to clients when and wherever they need it. In conjunction with FCm’s unique global TRM platform, iJET’s intelligence-driven operational risk management solutions provide FCm’s customers with more automation, better travel risk intelligence and higher levels of response services.
Companies questioning the need for further travel risk support need to weigh up the cost of implementing solutions such as Secure Protect or Outreach against the potential cost of a lawsuit, in the event that an employee claims they weren’t adequately protected while travelling on behalf  of their employer.
With FCm Secure your business has a global network of resources to provide up-to-the-moment intelligence on events world wide – both of which are critical for safe and secure global travel.


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