UK and US ban powerless electronic devices from flights

10 July 2014
UK and US ban powerless electronic devices from flights

Following on from the recent changes regarding security regulations when flying to the United States, the Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK have also advised with immediate effect, all passengers flying into or out of the UK, ensure electronic devices in their hand luggage are sufficiently charged to be turned on.

If you are travelling with any electronic or battery powered devices (mobiles telephones, tablets, MP3 players, e-books, laptops, electric shavers etc.) you may be required to turn on the device in front of security teams and/ or demonstrate the item's functionality.

You may be subject to additional searches and questions, and security checks may take longer than normal.

If, when asked to do so, you are not able to demonstrate the device has power, you will not be allowed to fly on your planned service. Additionally, it will not be possible to place the item in your hand or hold luggage - you will have to leave the item behind or rebook an alternative flight. Normal rebooking policies will apply.

You will still be able to use your electronic devices on board subject to the airlines standard operating rules.

Advice to our customers:

  • Please do all you can to ensure the items you bring are fully charged before you arrive at the airport
  • If you are transferring in the US, especially on long journeys, please make sure you do not deplete the power in your device while on the first part of your journey. There will be very limited charging points at the airports
  • Please do not bring any broken devices in your hand luggage to the airport as you will not be able to fly as planned

Please make sure you arrive in good time for the various stages of your journey including; check-in, main security search areas and at the boarding gate.

Click here for the most up to date advice from the DfT.