FCM releases 2016 global traveller insights

FCM Male Traveller in car
Media Releases 31 May 2016

FCM Travel Solutions has released an infographic detailing traveller trends and statistics uncovered from their recent global client survey and global data extracted from their multinational reporting tool FCM ClientBank Connect.

The organisation's global director of account management, Felicity Burke said that the document serves as an interesting snapshot of travel in 2016 and can assist organisations and procurement in better understanding the shifting needs of the different travellers within their business.

"As managed travel continues to diversify, keeping on top of who your travellers are and what they want is paramount not only for TMCs like FCM, but for procurement teams and decision makers who are ultimately sourcing solutions for these travellers," said Felicity.

"In 2016 more than ever before, the role of the travel management company has become a consultative one, to determine what types of travellers exist within an organisation and to purpose-fit solutions that meet their needs, thus making sourcing easier and more effective for procurement managers."

The infographic, titled ‘Unpacking our traveller’, outlines statistics such as generational mix of travellers globally, average number of trips taken per annum as well as year on year comparisons of average cost per trip and number of days spent away for business.

The research uncovered that "bleisure" now accounts for up to 30% of all bookings made with FCM, as more travellers extend pre- or post- work trip to get a "live-in" experience of the destination they are visiting.

"This increased uptake of bleisure could be a sign of larger numbers of millenials (ages 18-35) in the workplace, who are known for seeing business travel as an opportunity to explore the world on a lean budget. We expect this number only to increase as gen y are expected to account for 75% of the workforce by 2025," said Felicity.