More reliable Billback solution with new Conferma Connect

Conferma Connect for business traveller hotel billback
Travel News 12 Sep 2016
Conferma Connect
Business travel hotel payment solutions including billback powered by Conferma Connect

Conferma, the specialist in Virtual Card technology, has announced the launch of its proprietary new solution, Conferma Connect. Conferma Connect is a breakthrough in the transmission of virtual card payment details to suppliers, and is the first PCI compliant way to send virtual card details to suppliers without the need for a fax machine.

Conferma Connect is certified as a PCI DSS compliant process and has been approved by a number of Conferma’s significant banking partners, including Barclaycard and  American Express. In addition to increased security, the system will also bring costs of virtual card acceptance down for issuers and suppliers. The cost of ensuring secure payment for a hotel stay using Conferma Connect technology offers a reduction of 60% since it eliminates both the fax transmittal and receiving costs.

Until now, the only PCI compliant way to transmit virtual card details has been via fax. Although this has remained the most secure method of payment technology, continuing to rely on fax transmission, while business progresses onto more contemporary technology, has proven challenging to business efficiency and budgets. Conferma Connect utilises a number of PCI compliant methods including universally used business email technologies. 

FCM Head of Land Product, Ed Stalley says, "FCM's ability to offer clients flexible hotel payment solutions is key to our service offer. We believe customers should have a choice and provide our clients with the options of billback, pay on departure and pre-pay. Historically there have been challenges with the reliability of faxing billback instructions.This is a welcome advance in technology and and will improve the efficiency of the billback process and subsequently create a more streamlined experience for the traveller."

"We are actively working with our hotel partners globally to ensure we can offer clients the widest range of choices within this new system."

Simon Barker, CEO of Conferma, says of the new solution:

"We’ve been working towards making the existing communication technology and infrastructure work for the transmission of Virtual Cards for many years. As a result, Conferma Connect is designed to automatically find the best way to transmit virtual card information to a supplier securely via a number of PCI compliant  methodologies including universally used business email technologies. We now want to reach out to our supplier network to work with us towards the adoption of this  improvement."