FCm takes analytics to new heights with launch of ClientBank Connect

FCm Travel Solutions has broken ground with the launch of ClientBank Connect, a proprietary reporting and analytics tool, which not only enables corporates to create highly- customised dashboards and reports, but also gives them unique access to third-party travel and non-travel expense data for cross-platform analytics.

ClientBank Connect utilizes functionality which is new to market and exclusive to FCm. It simplifies access and integration of third party data to allow in-depth analytics of total trip costs.

Launch partners for ClientBank Connect include iJET International as part of the FCm Secure offering and Concur.

ClientBank Connect is accessible via the web or mobile devices. The interface is also embeddable so clients can add their reports and dashboards to company intranets. This ensures customers that want to use their dashboards or reports for employee education can leverage reporting distribution and information sharing for greater policy control.

ClientBank Connect  is available to FCm clients looking for heightened reporting capabilities outside of the existing FCm ClientBank  reporting suite.

Customers have the option of using the tool themselves, or they can appoint nominated users who will be provided with comprehensive training by FCm. Corporates can be given ‘viewer’ access that allows users to view reports and dashboards, or ‘editor’ status which allows them to create their own dashboards and templates.

“Clientbank Connect is a multinational and national reporting solution which is unique to FCm. This technology offers our clients highly customised reporting and analytics capability not yet seen in the global business travel market in this format,” commented Jo Greenfield, UK general manager, FCm Travel Solutions.

“Not only does it enable clients to slice and dice data to build their own reports and dashboards as required, Clientbank’s data connectors mean corporates can analyse everything from taxis, meals, credit card transactions and traveller behavior – essentially any third party data that relates to travel – in order to look at the big picture and scrutinize this intelligence in even more depth.”