FCm delivers new levels of carbon reporting

FCm Travel Solutions is offering corporates even greater accuracy in carbon emission reporting with the launch of its new Carbon Footprint Calculator. The software, which has been developed in conjunction with Susterra, takes carbon emission reporting for clients to an unprecedented level as it calculates the carbon footprint of any flight on any airline in the world.

The Carbon Footprint Calculator has been designed using International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) methodology as a template as well as data from the European Environmental Agency.  However whereas ICAO methodology calculates average footprints for designated routes (LHR-JFK for example) and only takes CO2 into consideration, FCm’s software is specific to route and airline (LHR-JFK-BA or LHR-JFK-AA for example).

It also accounts for all major greenhouse gases (CO2, N20, CH4) and radiative forcing.

This means calculations are not only more accurate, but can help businesses reduce their annual carbon footprint by choosing the most environmentally efficient route, and where applicable, airlines.

In addition to receiving monthly, quarterly or annual reports, clients can ask FCm to facilitate offsetting their carbon footprint at a cost of only £2.50 per tonne, whereas most airlines charge from £4.70 to £16.00 per tonne.

Carbon offsets are chosen from key locations across the globe using Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). This is the largest independently verified programme in the voluntary carbon market. All projects not only reduce emissions but also have additional social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities.

“As a TMC we are not only committed to providing our clients with tailored travel management solutions and cost efficiencies; we also believe in helping clients identify and introduce best practices that minimise the impact on the environment, enabling them to fulfil their commitment to reducing total carbon output,” said Jo Greenfield, UK general manager, FCm Travel Solutions

“Transport is a significant cause of carbon emissions so our clients are increasingly asking for our advice on how to measure their corporate travel carbon footprint, as travel will continue to be a vital part of conducting their business. However it is not only important to understand carbon footprint, but to take steps to mitigate it. For this reason we have developed our Carbon Footprint Calculator to give clients much greater accuracy in terms of flight data, as well as the facility to offset emissions cost-effectively,” she added.