Putting the Miles In

As a business traveller, you undoubtedly cover more ground than most on an annual basis. But how much of that is without the aid of heavy duty machinery and engines?

While you’re away from home, instead of thinking about it as a ‘break from the diet and healthy eating regime’ as many of us do, travelling to new and exciting destinations presents travellers with great opportunities to employ the power of pedals (or just their trainers) to put in the miles and explore interesting and new corners of the globe.

There’s some fantastic terrain out there for those with an appetite for pounding pavements, and while we’re not suggesting you pelt it on foot to your next presentation, as well as the scenic rewards, there are some pretty compelling health ones too.

Many studies have shown that regular cardio activity can increase your heart health and blood flow, can improve memory retention and alleviate feelings of lethargy and exhaustion too.

All you need to get started as a runner is a decent pair of trainers. The rest of the kit you wear can be as flamboyant or as conservative as you like. In addition, there are no hefty memberships like with many gyms, but you can actually still benefit from a feeling of communal training even if you are miles away from home and on your own.


Armed just with your trainers and your smart phone, an application like Nike’s Map My Run will do just what it says on the tin, it will, map your run.

But in addition to that it will also track your progress, and give you the motivation you need to keep going.

If you’re a keen social media user then you can also ‘post the start of your run to Facebook or Path and hear real-time cheers for each like or comment you receive’.

You can download the application for both iPhones and for Android here.