Secure Outreach

What is Secure Outreach?

Secure Outreach is a crisis response hotline, designed specifically for FCm and is currently available only in specific FCm markets (Australia, USA and UK). This hotline supplements FCm’s operations and after-hours emergency services, and provides support to clients that require more than travel reservation and logistics support. Employees of eligible clients that purchase Secure Outreach have access to a hotline staffed and supported 24/7 by iJET’s world class response operations. Participating clients’ travellers in need of security support can be transferred by an FCm representative directly to an iJET response coordinator to help them through their crisis, or if medically related, to their designated medical services provider.

Clients with more than 500 travellers, have the option to purchase a customised response hotline for an additional cost.

Whether facing a crisis due to civil unrest, crime, violence or disruptions that could impact the safety of your organisation’s travellers, iJET’s global response operations provide around-the-clock assistance. With a global network of on-the-ground security partners, you can rest assured that your organisation’s personnel are protected and can be removed from harm’s way if and when they need assistance.

What makes Secure Outreach unique?

No other travel management company offers this kind of crisis response and support hotline for customers. This service provides FCm’s clients with a centralised resource for crisis management.

Secure Outreach offers to clients:

  1. A robust security assistance solution managed by a global travel management company that supports more than travel logistics.
  2. A solution that is now available for FCm customers at a considerably lower cost. Due to cost, this kind of crisis response and support hotline was previously only available for large multinational companies.
  3. A solution that is part of a comprehensive suite of TRM-related products and services that collectively provide a cost effective and holistic approach to addressing a client’s duty of care obligations.


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