Secure Protect

What is Secure Protect?

Secure Protect is FCm Travel Solutions’ proactive approach to travel risk management. Secure Protect is the culmination of our base, no-cost offering (Secure Start) and additional paid features powered by iJET, FCm’s travel risk management partner. These features can be purchased individually, based upon the client’s program needs.

Secure Protect features

Communications feature

This feature allows client administrators the ability to send their own, ad hoc email and SMS text messages to travellers from a traveller location report.  This feature also supports the automatic distribution of relevant iJET threat alerts to travellers via email,  as they pertain to destinations associated with the traveller’s current or future travel plans booked via FCm and included in  the FCm ClientBank database.

Trip briefing tied to itinerary

This feature allows each itinerary to be matched with destination risk ratings in iJET’s risk intelligence database. If a destination included on an itinerary exceeds the client’s configured risk tolerance level, an iJET security trip briefing will be sent to the traveller via email. This will provide critical information on current and recent health and security risks in the area, as well as helpful advice and contact numbers for assistance.

Custom content

A custom message via email based upon client provided and system supported custom rules can be generated and sent to the traveller. These messages can be policy based, risk based, or based on any other criteria that can be supported by the Secure Protect rules engine.

Automated report distribution

A dynamic report can be created and emailed to the client administrator or designated recipient based upon client provided and system supported custom rules. For example, create and email a report with  a list of travellers when a flight exceeds more than  six employees on the same plane.


What makes Secure Protect unique?

No insurance or membership purchase required – Some travel risk management solutions in the market today require the purchase of both a travel risk solution and a medical coverage/evacuation membership. FCm clients operate in many countries, across many cultures around the globe, and often have pre-existing insurance relationships that may already provide emergency medical and evacuation coverage for travelling employees. Whether clients turn to FCm for medical and evacuation options, or they want to use preexisting programs in conjunction with Secure Protect, clients should have the option to measure the value of travel risk management solutions and medical and evacuation plans separately.


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