Secure Start

Secure Start is a no cost programme for FCm Travel Solutions' customers. It is a starting point for building your individual travel risk management programme.

The programme includes:

  • Itinerary based traveller tracking
  • Colour coded, 'risk map' dashboard (powered by iJET International)
  • GPS/mobile based traveller tracking (traveller opt in)
  • FCm Travel Solutions Global Crisis Communications process (email and SMS)
  • Subscription-based security alerts for travel and security managers (powered by iJET)

Secure Start features:

Itinerary based traveller tracking

The cool part: Once implemented, Secure Start displays new and updated traveller tracking content in real time or no later than four hours from the creation, change or cancellation of a booking.

The technical detail: Traveller tracking reports queried by clients or FCm using Secure Start will draw on passenger name records (PNRs) that reflect the air, car, rail and hotel segments generated whenever a reservation is created, renewed, cancelled (for PNRs transmitted to our global reporting platform, ClientBank). Secure Start requires the delivery of PNR data into FCm's reporting platform FCm ClientBank.

Colour coded 'risk map' dashboard (powered by iJET)

The cool part: One click can show users corporate risk rating details and alerts for a particular country.

The technical detail: Secure Start's user interface features a map with risk ratings for over 200 countries and over 290 cities and is based upon iJET intelligence. Users can see which countries and cities are rated as low versus high risk.

Unique to FCm: While competitor solutions offer similar functionality at a cost or with lesser quality intelligence, Secure Start includes this feature with iJET intelligence at no cost to FCm clients.

GPS/mobile based traveller tracking (traveller opt in)

The cool part: Once initiated by the traveller (opting in), the GPS coordinates will supplement the itinerary location data in Secure Start and show up on applicable traveller tracking reports.

The technical detail: As part of FCm's mobile solution, which is available on iPhone and Android devices, clients can choose to enable a mobile GPS location check-in feature. For this feature to work, the passenger's email address must be included in the appropriate ClientBank format, in conjunction with Secure Start itinerary based traveller tracking requirements. Once enabled, a traveller can utilise this feature to identify their daily or other specified location requirements, and restrict their location from being disclosed via their mobile device until they have done so (based upon instructions per company travel policy).

Unique to FCm: FCm is the only travel management company that currently offers this functionality as part of our base travel risk management programme at no cost to clients. Other best in class products or programmes charge considerable premiums for use of this functionality.


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