Streamline your travel approvals like never before.

FCM offers a combination of Approval solutions and partners with online booking tool providers and third party vendors.

FCM Approve is a suite of pre- and post-trip approval solutions designed to assist organisations with managing their travel policy requirements. Depending on the level of complexity of your travel policy and the technology solutions implemented within your travel programme, we offer a combination of proprietary solutions – and also partner with leading online booking tool (OBT) providers and third party vendors - to cater for travel programmes of all sizes and forms.

Designed for the traveller and manager roles, there are three product tiers available within Approve, ranging from an introductory level which is included as part of HUB, through to more advanced solutions with significant flexibility to suit your travel policy requirements. The tiers of FCM Approve available include:

  • Approve Start
  • Approve Online
  • Approve Plus

Designed for

FCM Connect - Connected Traveller
We’re putting the traveller and their experience first.
Our HUB and technology suite will make it easier for your travellers to stay connected and enjoy a streamlined travel experience.


FCM Connect - Connected Manager
We’re empowering managers to evolve their travel programmes.
Through the HUB and our best in market technology tools, travel managers will have more visibility and control of their programme than ever before.

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