Avis Preferred

Receive fast-track service at the Avis Preferred priority service counter, located across Europe. You can even skip the queues at selected locations and go straight to your rental car. All your paperwork is pre-prepared; just present your driving license on the 1st rental. Cars are parked in the most convenient spaces on our forecourt. At selected locations, you can find a dedicated cabin for Avis Preferred customers.

At our London Heathrow locations, your keys will be waiting in your rental car.

You can manage details online with an Avis Preferred account. Sign up to the Avis Preferred Newsletter to receive your vouchers and exclusive offers from Avis and Avis Partners.

Avis and the Environment

Avis was the first car rental company to launch a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in 1997, and for more than a decade we have been committed to doing our bit for the environment by measuring and taking action against our CO2 emissions.

Today we maintain a CarbonNeutral® operations certification, and aim to offset 12,661 metric tonnes of CO2, bringing the total emissions offset since 1997 to 198,578 metric tonnes.

LondoAvis Preferred Heathrow T5n Heathrow T5

By renting with Avis at Terminal 5, customers do not have to take a bus to their car rental facility and therefore save an average of 15 minutes on travel time*. This new location has a fleet for everyone’s needs and also includes Avis Select Series and Avis Prestige.