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Companies and their travellers are always seeking increased value in their hotel spend which is why we created SmartSTAY, a smarter booking solution exclusively for you.  SmartSTAY is  a dedicated program designed to add value to your bottom line and provide more comfort for your travellers.

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SmartSTAY gives you...

Smarter benefits – especially negotiated discounts and complimentary services with our existing preferred partners worldwide.

Smarter productivity – with enhanced comfort, convenience and services provide for your travellers included in the nightly room rate.

Smarter value – as your company and your travellers receive more from your accommodation budget.

Value-adds for your travellers

SmartSTAY offers guests a wide range of complimentary and discounted services some of which are* -


  • Internet/wi-fi services
  • Breakfast
  • Bottle of wine/drink on arrival
  • Car Parking
  • Room upgrades on arrival (subject to availability)
  • Bonus loyalty points
  • Laundry services
  • Use of meeting space
  • Access to the hotels club lounge

To save on your company’s accommodation costs and enhance the in-hotel experience for your travellers.

Check-in to better value now.

*All benefits are negotiated on an individual basis with  each carefully selected hotel partner and vary from property to property